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Hi, thanks for stopping by LongLiveCowgirls.com. As you can see, we are still under construction.

LongLiveCowgirls came about during the 2008 NFR finals.  One of the major sponsors had an ad campaign based on the Cowboy.  Hey, wait a minute!!  What about us Cowgirls?  We wondered how we could make a stronger statement.  What better way than to strike through the east side of the word Cowboys and replace it with “girls”….and then kiss it goodbye. Yup, just like you walk up to that big ‘ol pick up with that other companies statement about Cowboys and whip out your tube of lipstick and draw a line right through it. That's right, we cowgirl's are going to make sure we get noticed!! Kiss it and bye bye!  Hey, where would those Cowboys be with out us?


You’re a Cowgirl!  Whether it is barrel racing, pleasure riding or you just love the lifestyle, LongLiveCowgirls.com has it all for you. 


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